Greening Urban Futures Podcast is a research-based living forum that builds on the notion of nature intelligence and cross-collaborative design as the basis upon which the well-being of future societies relies

In our cross-disciplinary research, we acknowledge the need for solution-oriented approaches and understanding of how problems of the built environment can be tackled collectively and systemically. We believe that more knowledge and debate is needed to address recurrent challenges ranging from climate change, inequality, urbanization and the misuse of natural resources, to the decreasing access and availability of nature areas that is leading to a decline in the quality of urban life.

Our Urban Futures Podcast aims to stimulate debate on the future of the built environment for the purpose of:

  1. Tackling collective challenges of unsustainable urban development. To operate as a transformational force for the foreseeable wave of 21st century highly urbanised societies
  2. Stimulating collaboration and communication among communities of experts to bring in a diverse level of knowledge and insight to informally discuss on a wide range of topics pertinent to the future of urban environments and societies
  3. Enabling learning and the activation of a new state of public awareness focusing on processes, and the creation of new ideas and connections

The Urban Futures Podcast is an interdisciplinary knowledge creation platform for the purpose of communicating and spreading research environmental information to build a better future for urban societies. The project would like to thank The Nessling Foundation for sponsoring our research and for making our urban futures podcast series possible.

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