EP.10 – Cities Empowered by Systematic Futures Thinking

EP. 10 – CITIES EMPOWERED BY SYSTEMATIC FUTURES THINKING: Sirkka Heinonen is a Professor of Futures Studies at the University of Turku and a member of the Club of Rome.  She has a long trajectory in the field of Futures Research working at the crossroads of futures and city planning, applying what is called a “Systematic futures thinking;” and long-term view for making a positive impact in the future. In our discussion, She, emphasises the importance of futures thinking as an approach: “We can enrich urban studies when we introduce different methods from futures studies.” Sirkka gives examples of interesting methods she has used and their significance in planning.  During our conversation, Sirkka also gives us her views on the future of green areas within her growing city-Helsinki. She talks about important linkages between human-nature intertwined with Finnish culture and her views on on the future of nature-related tradition. Important links

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