EP.03 – Systems Intelligence & Feedback Loops Shaping the Cities of Tomorrow

EP.03 โ€“ Systems Intelligence & Feedback Loops Shaping the Cities of Tomorrow. In this episode, we sit with Carlo Ratti from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Senseable City Lab http://http://senseable.mit.edu to talk about the rise of urban intelligence and the creation of feedback loops between humans and the built environment.  During our talk, Carlo explains how the ability to collect and use data to better understand, design and learn how we live in cities, is just the beginning of a new type of urban intelligence empowered by citizens.  Carlo talks about two projects by the Sensible City Lab: Treepeida http://senseable.mit.edu/treepedia; and the City Nature Challenge http://senseable.mit.edu/city-nature-challenge as examples of progress for how to measure green areas in cities.  He explains that using data-driven technologies to read and understand urban nature, is an opportunity for change.  Through his most recent publication, The City of Tomorrow: Sensors, Networks, Hackers, and the Future of Urban Life (2016), he suggests that the future of the built environment will be strongly shaped by the new norms in communication and interactions that will significantly transform the urban space of today.

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